Bespoke Cakes



Have you ever had an amazing cake?

Do you remember how it made you feel? Did it make you cry happy tears, or laugh or urge everyone else in the room to come and see it too? 

That is what I do. I don’t just make cakes, I create feelings and memories.

What I make may be edible, but it is so much more than just cake. 

Customers come to me, and then come back to me every time, because I know how important those feelings are. They know that when it comes to cake design I don’t copy, I innovate. I take an idea and create a cake design that is unique to your needs.

They know that when they come to The Bake Well Tart it’s not just cake… it’s an experience.

As each cake is made to order following your specific requirements, I can only give a guideline on price here, so please get in touch for an individual quote.

Cake Size   Servings
(based on 1″ x 2″ slices)
6″ Round 15 From £50
7″ Round 20 From £55
8” Round 25  From £60
 9″ Round  30  From £65 
 10” Round  40  From £70 
 12” Round 55  From £80