Living in a time vortex, with lots of different hats…

Anyone else feel like they live in a time vortex? It is amazing being able to work from home, for myself, doing something I love, but most days it does feel like the hours whoosh past at an alarming rate, so days, weeks and months slip by.

When I worked for other people I don’t think I ever fully realised how straightforward my days were… I went in, did the work that needed to be done and then went home. I didn’t have to worry about any aspects of building and nurturing the business, that just wasn’t on my to-do list! Now I am building my own business around doing something I love, which is super exciting, but blimey I wasn’t prepared for the number of different hats I’d have to wear on any one day, especially in the first stages of setting the business up.

And it’s not as straightforward as ‘Today I will be wearing THIS hat’… most days I feel a bit like a Dr. Suess character going about wearing multiple hats at the same time.

First and foremost, the hat that never comes off is The Mummy Hat. Part of my decision to work from home was so I could be here for my children, and to a great extent everything else I do has to fit around them and their needs. It’s a bit of a chaotic hat, and though it never comes off, it is a fine balancing act to keep it from falling apart. There is lots of sticky tape involved. And there’s usually some food or playdoh stuck in it somewhere.

The next hat is The Business Owner Hat, the one I wear every day as the creative force behind The Bake Well Tart. Wearing that hat I am thinking about the designs of celebration cake orders, creating and testing new recipes, improving my skill set and pushing the boundaries of what I think I can do. I could happily spend hours and hours and hours wearing this hat, which is lucky as that’s exactly what I do end up doing most days…

The Sales & Marketing Hat is next, which I put on to plan and adjust my marketing strategies on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, to go out promoting and networking and whilst I think about and plan the best ways to keep orders coming in. It’s quite a serious hat, like a proper grown up one, but I’ve actually grown to love wearing it now.

My least favourite is The Accountant Hat. I don’t like numbers, I can actually feel my brain grinding to a slow and painful crawl when I have to do maths in my head. But that doesn’t wash with Mr/Mrs Taxpants. Soooo it’s lucky that I love spreadsheets, so I can use them whenever and wherever I can to let them do the heavy lifting for me.

I’ve recently found that The Techie Hat doesn’t really fit me very well. I have learnt, and am still learning to do a lot of stuff myself with the website and social media, but my GOD it takes up such a lot of time… time that I could be baking and cake decorating! I feel frustrated that I have to spend so much time doing these things, though I know how important they are. The Techie Hat is usually the one tutting at me at the end of the day.

The final one is The Boss Lady Hat, the hat I wear to do an appraisal of the day, basically making sure that all the other hats have done their jobs. She’s a pretty tough lady and doesn’t really put up with excuses. To be honest, I’m a bit scared of her.

So who am I really once I’ve taken all these hats off, right at the end of the day?

I’m Kate, the girl with a dream to make fabulous cakes for fabulous people. Usually very, very tired, and with very bad hat hair.

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  1. I can relate entirely !! I also have to have the exercise hat which is uber time consuming and if I don’t wear that enough o get very grumpy! But the mummy hat always wins!

  2. Ha ha. Loved that, great reading Katie!! You are doing a brilliant job, and now I know where the gorgeous Floyd gets his love of hats from!!

  3. Brilliant analysis of your life, very funny and thought provoking too! Also proves your great talent for writing, once spotted by an inspiring English teacher (thanks Grimbo!). Is there another hat for that?! XxX